Latoya Peterson is the editor of the award-winning blog, and she’ll be on campus March 17 to talk about her video series, Girl Gamers, and her experiences with multimedia storytelling.

Students who attend and live-tweet this appearance can earn up to 10 extra credit points to be added to their lowest assignment grade.

March 17, 3:30 p.m,
Paley Library Lecture Hall, 1210 Polett Walk, Ground Floor

Assignment details

Students are required to attend the entire event and sign the sign-in sheet in order to be eligible for extra credit.

Live tweet the event by using relevant hashtags and handles, and sharing what you determine is the right balance of information, reaction, contextual details and photos.

Your Twitter stream should include a “start” tweet to let followers know what you’re about to do, and an “end” tweet to wrap up. You shouldn’t be retweeting or tweeting anything else during your live tweet — stick to the topic at hand. Make clear who is speaking, and whether what you’re tweeting is a question, quote or paraphrase.

There is no quota or magic number when live tweeting, but this will last at least an hour, so you shouldn’t have fewer than a dozen tweets.

If you do the assignment, email me by 6 p.m. Thursday to let me know so I can review your tweets. You may earn up to 10 points but will lose points for…

  • tweeting irrelevant information during the live tweet (-3)
  • not having start and end tweets (-3 each)
  • editorializing (-5)
  • not making it clear who is saying or asking a particular statement/question (-2)
  • tweeting incorrectly (starting with a person’s handle, not using the event hashtag, not providing context) (-2)
  • tweeting or retweeting information that is presented as absolute fact (-5)
If you cannot attend this event

Substitute events will be considered. If you have evidence of a hardship (class, work, an interview) that prevents you from attending the Peterson event, you can pitch me something else to live tweet. However, that event needs to have some news value, and needs to take place within a week of the Peterson event. Contact me before the March 17 event to discuss alternatives.