There are two important, interesting discussions taking place on campus Oct. 4. You can choose one to live tweet for up to 10 extra credit points to be applied to your lowest assignment grade of the semester.

The State of Ethnic Media

4-5:30 p.m.
Annenberg Atrium

“Dr. Sherry Yu introduces a variety of ethnic media that are actively in operation. From century-old newspapers to young and hip magazine blogs, ethnic media are useful resources not only for members of ethno-racial communities but also for anyone who is interested in exploring communities across cultures, and being an active member of a multicultural society.” More information

Race in the Race 2016

7-8 p.m.
Annenberg Studio 1

“We will hear from a diverse group of Temple University student leaders as they discuss the major issues in the election cycle, including how the candidates and media have handled the issue of race. This program will taped for broadcast on TUTV.”

Your role at these events is not Temple student, but journalist. Live tweet the discussions fairly and accurately. Use relevant hashtags and handles. Attend the event from start to finish.


  • 3 points off for not setting up the live tweet
  • 2 points off for not making it clear who is speaking
  • 2 points off for not making it clear if your paraphrasing or quoting
  • 3 points off for not closing the live tweet

Remember that you are reporting for people who are not there. It’s your job to decide what’s important and how to convey they. Include context: references to tone, response, etc. Use photos when they help tell the story, but not just for the sake of having a photo. Refer to the notes I made on your social media assignment to improve your work on this one.


Email me immediately after you finish live-tweeting to confirm you did the assignment.