More than 12,000 people plan to attend Saturday’s Women’s March on Philadelphia to “voice our concerns, and to peaceably express our grievances.”

It’s one of more than 150 marches taking place in response to Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration on Friday.

Your assignment is to go live on Facebook from the march to show people who aren’t there what is happening. Your role is not that of a marcher, but of a reporter covering the event. You should prepare by researching the organizers and the issues so you can provide context for your audience. You don’t need to narrate the entire Live video. You can interject with information when necessary, ask questions to views and conduct live interviews with marchers.

Check out Facebook’s best practices guide for Live video, and practice before you do the real thing.

For assignment purposes, your video needs the following:

  • Introduce yourself as a reporter covering the event and explain what the event is
  • Stay Live for 10 to 30 minutes
  • Conduct at least one interview during the Live broadcast with someone who is marching
  • Close out your Live video with the latest information and review the details of the event

Have we experimented with Facebook Live yet as a class? No. That’s why we call it extra credit. It might not go perfectly, but this is a chance to test a new reporting tool. Keep your journalist hat on and remember that you’re live on the internet.

Students who do this extra credit can earn up to 10 points to be added to their lowest assignment grade this semester. If you do the assignment email me a link to your live video (it needs to be the video link, not a link to your Facebook profile by 6pm Saturday).