Your next assignment is to choose a topic on your beat than you can tell a story about either through live tweeting. When you’re working on this, think about how you would approach a written or video story. How much information is available, how reliable are the sources, and what’s the most interesting/important stuff? This assignment is no less journalistic than other news packages; you’re simply using a different platform.

Choose an event or a point in time related to your beat to live tweet. Use your Twitter account to tell your followers what you’ll be tweeting about and why, then continue to provide updates using relevant hashtags and handles. You’ll have to pay attention to what’s going on around you and determine what information should be shared with your Twitter audience. Your live tweeting needs to take place in a time period of one to three hours and your followers should come away feeling as though they got all the information they need from your tweets. Email me a link to your Twitter account when you’re finished with the live tweet.


Your Twitter account should have an appropriate name, photo, background and bio. Your account needs to be public. Points will be deducted for use of inappropriate images or descriptions.

  • 5 points off for a missing bio photo
  • 20 points off for using an image you don’t have rights to
  • 10 points off for a locked account
  • 5 points off for missing bio
  • 10 points off for a handle that is not your name

Your live tweet needs to take place over a one- to three-hour period and should not be interrupted with other tweets. Incorporate relevant hashtags and handles, take photos and retweet when applicable. Strike a balance between keeping people in the know and sharing too many small details. You are the eyes and ears for people who aren’t there.

  • 2 points off for live tweets that are less than an hour long
  • 2 points off for missing context in a tweet (make it clear who is speaking, performing, etc)
  • 3 points off for unrelated tweets during the live tweet
  • 3 points off for not introducing and/or closing your live tweet

The deadline for this assignment is 3 p.m. Thursday Feb. 9. Per the instructions above, you should email a link to your Twitter account.