We’re working our way to the final story assignment, so let’s use this time to revisit this semester’s lessons and the stories already published to our site.

Create a Google Doc and share it with me. You need to choose 11 different stories from our site to complete this assignment. They do not have to be from this semester.

Select three stories (not your own) on our website and write tweets for them. Provide me the story headline with a link and write your tweet below it. Craft this tweet as if you’re on Twitter, tacking into account the number of characters, and the use of hashtags and handles.

Select five stories (not your own) on our website and write headlines for each. These should incorporate the headline lessons we’ve been discussing all semester. Provide a link to the story, the original headline and your headline. Tell me why you wrote the headline the way you did.

Select three stories (not your own) on our website and give one specific example of how they could have been done better. For example: This should have been a video instead of a written story; the photos in this audio slideshow don’t work; this lede doesn’t work; this map isn’t informative. Provide the link to the original story and explain in detail how you would improve the story.


Share your document with me by 8pm Thursday, April 7.