Final portfolios are due April 27.  Every student will come into class at an assigned time and walk me through their semester’s worth of work. Your job is to make every required edit on your stories and make up missing assignments, and to demonstrate your ability to navigate our website.

Where to look

Review your grade sheets, as well as the assignment details for every assignment. Make edits and adjustments to your stories that match the notes from me and the original assignment guidelines. Come to class prepared to explain in detail some of the edits you made and why. For example, I rewrote this paragraph so that it’s clear who was talking. Not, I rewrote this paragraph because you told me to. Be ready to give me at least five detailed examples of edits you made and other things you might have adjusted.

What to do

Make every single edit on every single story. Any edits you don’t make will result in the same number of points lost (so if you lost 5 points on the assignment for commas and didn’t fix the commas, you’ll lose 5 points on the final).

You are also required to make edits to your work based on suggestions I’ve given you. These are notes I made on your stories, but did not take points off for (ie: headlines, lede changes, story organization, etc). You will not lose points for not making edits to extra credit assignments, but should make them anyway so your content is error-free.

Missing assignments from earlier in the semester result in a 10-­point (per assignment) deduction from your final grade.

You do not need to address edits that require new interviews or additional shoots. (ie: if you lost points for bad b-roll lighting or filming an interview on a bad background). You do need to re-edit audio and video that have bad sound or cuts, and re-organize your stories based on my feedback.

All posts need links to non-human sources and other contextual information. All posts need tags and categories. Check your categories carefully to make sure nothing is “uncategorized.” Just because you choose another category does not necessarily mean the post isn’t still “uncategorized.”

Every link should be a hyperlink, not a floating URL. Videos and audio slideshows should appear as embeds. Every story needs a featured image. Every photo needs a caption and credit.

Make all necessary headline edits. Every element (story, video, storify, data viz, etc) needs its own headline that clearly explains what information is contained in the element. Take note of my comments about your headlines and adjust accordingly.


10 points

  • Being unprepared to walk me through your material during the final.
  • Missing assignments

5 points

  • Not making adjustments according to our class stylebook
  • Not making suggested story updates (things I told you to do but did not deduct points for at deadline)
  • Missing or misplaced links to an outside source
  • Audio/visual errors(bad transitions, uneven audio levels, etc)
  • Missing featured image

3 points

  • Post with no tags
  • Post without categories or post that still has “uncategorized”
  • Not displaying your user information as First and Last name
  • Headlines that do not meet requirements or have not been updated per my notes
  • Video or audio slideshow is not embedded
  • Missing caption
  • Missing photo credit

2 points

  • Spelling, grammar and AP Style errors

Students will be allotted times (chosen April 20) for their one-on-one reviews. You are expected to easily log into the site and navigate the dashboard. You will be expected to point out, without prompting, at least five specific edits you made to your stories and why you made them. You may be asked questions about functions of the site. Students may leave when their review is over. Students may not use computers while they’re waiting for their review.