World War I and American Art: Philadelphia’s Unsung Contributions

Soldiers skirmished throughout continental Europe, darkening the soil with bold and illuminating the sky above with contrails and phosphorous, and all the while artists from around the world immortalized their struggles with a brush and canvas. The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts created a new exhibit commemorating WWI this past Friday, Nov. 4, and... Continue Reading →

One First Friday Artist’s ‘Troublesome Relationship’ With Local Galleries

Every month, hundreds of starving artists flock to Philly's First Friday public gallery viewing, hoping to get a taste of the clientele that established Old City galleries pull daily. With each passing month, it's getting tougher and tougher to gain critical exposure. At this October's event, local biology student Adam Knapp is feeling the strain. Continue Reading →

Audio slideshow assignment details

What makes good audio, and how do you get it? How do you know which photos should accompany certain audio clips? Aligning two different media isn't always easy, and it's more challenging if neither is a format you're very comfortable with. Multimedia Producer Lindsay Lazarski talked about some of that when she guest-lectured last week.... Continue Reading →

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