What Happens in Philly When The Sun Goes Down!?!?

Who We Are My Name is Vladislav Solomakhin. Before having ever visited Philadelphia I talked with a girl who summed up her trip to Philly as getting catcalled on the streets and waiting in a long line to see a bell. I became a Journalism major at Temple University in 2015. After having lived in... Continue Reading →


The lifestyle writing of young journalist

Daryl Matthews has been in broadcasting for two years. Originally from Philly, he is the host of a segment called “The Feed,” an entertainment social media segment on Philadelphia Neighborhoods On TV, which is in it’s fourth episode with more to come . His ideal goal job is to work on E T.v as an... Continue Reading →


Homelessness can happen to just about anyone. To be considered someone homeless, someone has to NOT have a primary permanent place of residence. Staying in a shelter, hotel/ motel room, even crashing at a friend’s home for an extended amount of time considers a person to be homeless. While most people may think that being homeless... Continue Reading →


Urbex In Philly: Enter At Your Own Risk

In the last two decades Urban exploration, or as the cool kids call it, Urbex has emerged as a social media phenomenon. An entire global subculture has been created out of this activity. Thousands of social media accounts, dedicated to showcasing daring teenagers hanging off of cranes or doing backflips on top of skyscrapers, further... Continue Reading →


Respecting the culture is what villanova’s african dance company strives for in their student choreography

When people think about dancing, some people envision a very fun dance scene, late at night with a few drinks. For others, they become so nervous they begin to sweat just thinking about it and claim that they can't dance. For the members of a African dance company at Villanova, dance is not only their... Continue Reading →


Fishtown ties to a grieving mother’s mission to combat terminal brain cancer

When Mina Carroll visited the grave of her daughter Philomena Stendardo at Most Holy Redemeer Cemetery in Bridesburg last week, she found an anonymous, handwritten note. It read, “To Phil and her family, thank you.” “The message went on to say how my daughter had changed this person’s life,” Carroll said. “She walked her way... Continue Reading →


Kenney’s school visits reflect a change in focus for the city’s education

In mid-November, Philadelphia’s School Reform Commission voted to disband after operating for 16 years. The historic vote came several weeks after Mayor Jim Kenney announced the city would take back control of the school system in one of his biggest actions regarding education in Philadelphia. Throughout Kenney’s campaign and tenure, he put education at the... Continue Reading →


CeaseFire combats gun violence in North Philadelphia with community outreach

Colwin Williams said getting access to a gun is as easy as buying a pack of cigarettes. “You hear it all the time, we don’t control gun legislation, nor do we control the manufacturing of guns,” he said. According to a dataset from the City of Philadelphia  — accessible on the data portal Open Data Philly... Continue Reading →


Global Village hosts monthly jam sessions for independent artists in Philadelphia

Outside of William Street Common, you could hear the soothing melodies of artists like Ashley Catanzaro who just grabbed the microphone from an artist sitting near her and began to sing soulfully behind Lyonzo Vargas, the co-founder of Global Village. "Who wants the first mic? Who wants the second one? You ready! You ready!" Vargas... Continue Reading →


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