The lifestyle writing of young journalist

Daryl Matthews has been in broadcasting for two years. Originally from Philly, he is the host of a segment called “The Feed,” an entertainment social media segment on Philadelphia Neighborhoods On TV, which is in it’s fourth episode with more to come . His ideal goal job is to work on E T.v as an entertainment reporter and anchor. He will be graduating in May of 2018.  After working with many Temple Journalist students, his career goal leans towards hard news media.

Holly Martin has been in broadcast journalism for over five years. You can catch her on the radio in Philly and Atlantic City. She loves the fall, and all things spooky. When she’s not in Philadelphia, Holly spends most of her time on the beach. She will be graduating in May of 2019, but plans attend Temple University for her master’s program.

Brian Maiorana has been interested in Journalism since 2010 when reading gaming magazines and thinking “I can do that”. Though since that time, he’s only dabbled in a personal blog and a Youtube channel. With his love for games, he wishes to find work as a reviewer once he’s finished with school. He hopes to graduate in May of 2018.


 Current Coverage of Lifestyle in Philadelphia: 


As I have worked with Philadelphia Neighborhoods on Tv they go deeper than the normal main stream media will go and show the real side of Philadelphia and what the city has to offer to more than just the locals. I feel that we as a group can really show lifestyle for all people. has plenty of different museums for people outside of the city to view. Although they don’t go in depth about certain parts of the city they limit the city and what we have to offer. l 

Is a cool site for different aspects as well.  For couples and field trips and just to see what is going on during certain dates, but as like other sites they limit you to a certain part of the city and leaving out the smaller ideas that people can endure in and explore the natural side of what Philly has to offer.

Why this topic needs more coverage:

This is a topic that we all like, but have various different views on it. its such a open topic by going into depth on some fun topics is closes some gaps that people of the city think they have with each other. media shows lifestyle but only to a certain point not in the smaller views that people don’t really get to explore or think that is available to view and do.

Three interesting ideas we hope to explore:

Some ideas that I have planned for this semester to show the lifestyle that Philly has to offer is the different people that have the same lifestyle. This is a big city with a lot to offer we would be surprised if a lot of people that are different externally like the same things to do outside with friends.

  1. night life clubbing, an awesome idea to go in to the different night life ideas showing how clubs work internally.
  2. the lifestyle of the rich and poor, following certain people that have different life style but are working in a common are ( Philadelphia) to make a living in their daily lives.
  3. Abstract lives, showing people about the artsy part of Philadelphia and the way abstract minds work to make their visions come to life.

The ideas that my group can come up with and turn them to fun festive ideas will show through our tweeting and media post. We are all different outside, but so far we  agree that lifestyle is more that what meets the eye, we are on to a good start.

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