The Necessary Preparations For An Open House

  Dylan Ostrow, a Philadelphia Fox and Roach Realtor,lays out the necessary steps that need to happen before an open house can occur. While most of these steps are done by the realtor, it is essential for the homeowner to keep their apartment clean and presentable. It is the realtor's job to show the best... Continue Reading →

Audio slideshow assignment details

What makes good audio, and how do you get it? How do you know which photos should accompany certain audio clips? Aligning two different media isn't always easy, and it's more challenging if neither is a format you're very comfortable with. Multimedia Producer Lindsay Lazarski talked about some of that when she guest-lectured last week.... Continue Reading →

Audio slideshow tips and tools

We're working on audio slideshows over the next two weeks. Below, let's look at some tips and tools to make sure the stories we're producing hit the right note. We'll review some editing tools, but those can be reviewed any time. In my experience teaching for these assignments, the more we focus on reporting methods,... Continue Reading →

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