A bird’s eye view of Kensington through storytelling and public art

Cesar Viveros, a muralist in Philadelphia, recently launched a new project creating "roof mural," to offer a bird's eye view of Kensington to change the narrative told by local media from crime to culture. His public art work in Kensington has been heavily influenced by communities' stories, which he incorporates in all of his pieces.... Continue Reading →

Drexel University’s WKDU 91.7FM Innovates Philadelphia Radio

Through the disappearance of newspapers and the alterations of television broadcasting, radio has always been an important part of the typical media consumer’s daily life. Here, in Philadelphia, college radio is setting the bar high. Value Colleges released a list of the “Top 10 College Campus Radio Stations,” that are completely student run. Each of the... Continue Reading →

Written story assignment details

Write and publish on your site a 500-600 word short feature story from your beat. Stories should include at least two human sources and one non-human documentary report or statistical source. Ask yourself who the story is for and what that audience would want to know. You are required to take a photo for this... Continue Reading →

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