Moving In!

This is the view from just one of the many apartments that are for sale throughout Philadelphia.

While Philadelphia is attracting more and more people into its’ neighborhoods, some are seeing progressive growth and others are seeing disappointment. Areas like Brewerytown and Fishtown are just a couple of the neighborhoods that are seeing rapid growth and a safer community. With younger people and families moving in, the trouble seems to be moving out. This map shows some of the most popular neighborhoods in Philadelphia, some popular for the right reasons and some for the wrong. In this map,these popular neighborhoods are mentioned as well as what the population is for these areas. While some of the population census data is from 2013, the population number still gives an accurate depiction. The map also shows whether the neighborhood is safe or not, which is a major contributor as to why certain neighborhoods are growing faster than others.


Philly Neighborhood Index

Best Philly Neighborhoods

Philadelphia Neighborhoods


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