Fitness that last past transformation Tuesday, a way of life or a ritual?

Transformation Tuesday isn’t just one day a week anymore. Through the nation people are grabbing onto the trend of making their body’s look more appealing in and outside of clothing. Some say people are becoming obsessed with the gym and the lengths people go to get the body they want. How far is too far, would you try anything to get the body you want?

Something necessary in normal life to maintain health and live long working out has its different levels for all types, the first-time goers and the everyday hulk Hogan look alike. Intimidating people as such has caused a decrease in the gym, but Planet fitness has made a debut around the United States promoting health for everyday working people offering a 24-hour open gym and a no judgment zone. Where your free to work out as you please at your own pace without the worry of someone putting you down.

I spoke with fitness trainer Muhammad of Cannon Solutions fitness who takes working out a pass the gym and into the street. Training most times at planet fitness gym he also owns his own studio equip wit kettle balls sitting on a dusty ground, next to a rack of weight piled neatly. No mirrors at all in the street garage turned gym, a hanging punching bag swinging near a garage door opening. The door leads to a medium size lot with a dirt trail ring around a small patch of grass sitting just right in the middle. “this gym isn’t for the week, I have this system called Tabatta, which trains the body to be a monster. All this dirt on the floor and out here is on purpose to make sure people who think they can handle it don’t sit down”. A stature of 6’3 and a muscle build very large Muhammad doesn’t finish working out in the gym, he’s still determined to help people reach their determined goals not only with the weights but in the kitchen as well. “I’m big on health, diabetes, high blood pressure, that something I want to avoid and help people avoid them as much as I’m able to. In the gym if you look better and feel better it will transform in to the daily life. Skinny doesn’t mean healthy, there are still self-esteem problems, nothing wrong with being skinny I believe it’s how you feel”.



The heath issues affect people on their daily lives, forcing people to make drastic changes which ultimately turns out for the better. Doctor Gina Steinberg of the Broad Street Spectrum Health Center knows exactly how hard it is to begin a journey to a better life as well. “I have had many patience come to me and be overweight and act like nothing is going on, and you have to explain that this is a matter of life and death. Change to the body doesn’t come over night and it just doesn’t happen with a snap of the finger takes time and hard work. The worst for me is when I see children and the entire family are having weight problems, and yes, they are happy but it has lifelong problems that will arise especially for the children”.

Has the transformation nation trend become more of a lifestyle or a mind warping phenomenon that has taken the world be storm. ( ) According to and the American College of Sports Medicine, working out every day is recommended to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Although too much working out can lead to over worked joints and overtraining syndrome some rest is required to let the bones catch up to the body.


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