For better or worse, Kensington High School in transition

Kensington High School, located on 2051 E Cumberland Street, was revived this current school year. The former neighborhood school was just reopened, after the merging of two low-performing, niche Kensington school. Merging two different high schools  When the Philadelphia School District announced the closure and merger of Kensington Urban Education Academy high school and Kensington... Continue Reading →

Winberg takes on poor infrastructure, discrimination and town hall meetings as the new Disabilities beat writer

An estimated 15.9 percent of Philadelphia residents have a disability according to the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2015 American Community Survey. Michaela Winberg, the new disabilities beat reporter for Multimedia Storytelling, want to tell those Philadelphian’s stories. Winberg considers herself a news reporter. However, the junior journalism major, originally from West Field, New Jersey, believes the... Continue Reading →

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