‘They said strike, so we striked.’

Still just in his first year at SEPTA, T found himself amid a strike of all the transportation service's subway, bus and trolley operators and engineers. As a new employee, he said he was afraid to do anything that went against both SEPTA and the Transport Workers Union. “I just know a lot of people... Continue Reading →

Is Crime Really an Issue in Frankford?

A 2015 Pew Research study of Philadelphia said not only did homicide rates in Philly slightly increase, but Frankford had the highest crime rate out of any other neighborhood in Philly. After speaking to a police officer and a local business owner, Frankford does not sound like such a dangerous place.

Keeping up with Kaci

An entertainment lover and frequent concert-goer, junior journalism major Kaci Lewandowski dreams of working with publication design someday. But today she's just focusing on covering entertainment. Jon: Why did you choose to come to Temple? Kaci: I chose Temple at first because Communications had originally been my major and I knew they had a great program,... Continue Reading →

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