Keeping up with Kaci

One-half of the entertainment beat, Kaci Lewandowski shows us how she’s going to get into some of Philly’s hottest entertainment events.

An entertainment lover and frequent concert-goer, junior journalism major Kaci Lewandowski dreams of working with publication design someday. But today she’s just focusing on covering entertainment.

Jon: Why did you choose to come to Temple?
Kaci: I chose Temple at first because Communications had originally been my major and I knew they had a great program, and then second was because they are so close to home. My commute became that much easier [too].

Jon: What set you apart and makes you from Philly?
Kaci: Those from outside Philly say that my “accent” gives me away. I have the drawn out South Philly Italian accent and I’m pretty proud of it.

Jon: Why did you choose journalism?
Kaci: I chose Journalism because I LOVE to write, give my opinions, and let my voice be heard. I am never one to shy away from my thoughts and feelings and this is a field I feel like I can be bold in.

Jon: Who are your biggest role models?
Kaci: My biggest role model is my mother. She has always been a strong woman and always voices her opinion and staying true to herself. She makes me want to be a better person.

Jon: What stood out to you when you were choosing your beat?
Kaci: My beat is “entertainment,” and it stood out to me because something that is entertaining for one person, may not be entertaining to the next person. It is something that I think I can be diverse in while still writing a good story.

Jon: What scares you most about this profession/career?
Kaci: The whole “freelance” thing scared me to no end. I do not ever want to have a job and worry about when or what my next one will be. I hope everyday for a job that I love and stay successful in.

Jon: What do you see yourself doing in 10 or 15 years?
Kaci: Hopefully writing for an entertainment magazine or working for TMZ. That is my dream job.

Jon: Who inspires you?
Kaci: My mom without a doubt. She is the greatest and strongest person I know and if I could be HALF the woman she is then I consider that lucky.

Jon: What makes you excited and gives you the strength to get out of bed in the morning?
Kaci: My family, specifically my mom and my nephew Mason. They make me the happiest without even trying.

Jon: Where do you go to when you’re stressed out or need to relax?
Kaci: Home. There is always a relaxing aura that comes over me as soon as I step foot in my house and I love being able to de-stress where I spend most of my time.

Jon: What makes you most proud of being you?
Kaci: My ability to be bold and honest with no remorse is something I hope to always have within me. I like that I am shameless when it comes to telling others how I feel.

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