Youth art programming educates on HIV prevention

Jorian Veintidos’ life changed when he found out he was HIV positive. Now, as an HIV tester, he uses his experience to help change the lives of others who have been diagnosed with HIV/AIDS for the better. “Knowing my status is a way I change how people think about HIV,” said Veintidos, who works at... Continue Reading →

How music therapy is helping people of all ages in Philadelphia

It's a Sunday afternoon and Sabrina Stafford, a certified music therapist from EasterSeals  of Southeastern Pennsylvania, is heard playing the piano right next to her brother, who scoots himself near her feet and giggles as he feels the vibrations of the music come through the floorboards. Stafford's brother is minimally responsive to language and the... Continue Reading →

Kensington’s often ignored positive aspects will be covered by Temple journalist

Kensington is a Philadelphia neighborhood that often receives negative coverage, and member of Temple University's Multimedia Storytelling class, Jennifer Karrigan, seeks to remedy this Kerrigan is the new beat reporter for the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia, hopes to showcase the positive features of a neighborhood that is commonly negatively stigmatized. She has past experiences photographing and... Continue Reading →

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