Saxbys Coffee Hosts Event For Entrepreneurs Through Ciao Philadelphia

CEO and Founder of Saxbys Coffee, Nick Bayer, sat with me to discuss the interactive Ciao Philadelphia event, Espresso and Entrepreneurship. This event is for young professionals and entrepreneurs who display eagerness in becoming Philadelphia's future business leaders at the Saxbys Headquarters. There were open discussions about the importance of community outreach, coffee consumption in... Continue Reading →

Zach Bourgeois is Keeping You Updated About the Next Hot Event in Philly

  Who better to tell you where to go on a Friday night than a local who's been going to Philly events since birth? Zach Bourgeois is a South Jersey native and he's been to more than just a random weekend street festival. From Made in America to Red Bull events he's seen some of the... Continue Reading →

Keeping up with Kaci

An entertainment lover and frequent concert-goer, junior journalism major Kaci Lewandowski dreams of working with publication design someday. But today she's just focusing on covering entertainment. Jon: Why did you choose to come to Temple? Kaci: I chose Temple at first because Communications had originally been my major and I knew they had a great program,... Continue Reading →

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