Culture in Philly has a new name: Emily Pentz

Introducing Emily!
Introducing Emily!     Credits: Hannah Amadio/Mulitmedia Storytelling 

A new reporter has become the face of Philadelphia culture. Emily Pentz, a junior at Temple University, has taken on the challenge of writing for a beat that paints a picture of the diverse people of this great city. But how did she get here? In a Q&A with Emily, we discovered how she got to where she is and where she wants to go with it!

Q. Choose a moment in your life that changed you for the better. What was it and how did it change you?

A. Well, it’s not one single moment, but my first year of college was really rough. A lot of shit went down and I had a hard time with everything and it was a dark time for me, but having to work through it made me a lot happier and a much better person in the long run.

Q. Who/what inspires you to reach your goals?

A. The desire to get a job I enjoy is what inspires me most I think. While I do want to make money having an enjoyable career is much more important to me.

Q. What is it about you makes you a great journalist?

A. I’m not a great journalist. I try really hard to look at things from more than just one angle or perspective and hopefully remain unbiased through doing that.

Q. What made you choose journalism?

A. I’ve always loved reading magazines and would always fantasize about working for one someday. Also I think journalism is very important in general. So much of the information we have is spread through various forms of journalism and I don’t know where we’d be without it.

Q. How did you decided to come to Temple University?

A. I wanted to be in the city for the opportunities, you know. Also it was close enough to home but still far enough away. Also, it’s in state so it was a lot cheaper than picking New York or Boston or something.

Q. What would your dream job be after graduation?

A. I want to work for a magazine so bad! Preferably doing design or maybe even taking photos rather than writing articles. Or if I could work for a travel magazine that would be amazing.

Q. What is your beat topic?

A. Culture in Philadelphia.

Q. Why did you choose this topic?

A. Culture is more of a broad topic and I’m excited to look into the backgrounds of certain neighborhoods in Philly and look at the social issues in different cultural regions.

Q. How do you think your writing on your beat will help/effect the public?

A. I hope it mostly informs and brings to light certain things that aren’t as well known and reduces the stigma of certain issues maybe.

Q. How will writing on this beat help you reach your goals? Or is writing on this beat your goal?

A. I want to develop the skills to be able to do most things as a journalist. I think being well rounded in my skills is important for this career.


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