Photos and videos by Kaci Lewandowski / Multimedia Storytelling The men of Bearlesque bared it all on stage at OutFest on October 9th of this year. Josh Schonewolf came up with the idea of a show like this when he met who is now the male lead of Bearlesque for the first time. They decided... Continue Reading →

Culture in Philly has a new name: Emily Pentz

A new reporter has become the face of Philadelphia culture. Emily Pentz, a junior at Temple University, has taken on the challenge of writing for a beat that¬†paints a picture of the diverse people of this great city. But how did she get here? In a Q&A with Emily, we discovered how she got to... Continue Reading →

TU Storytelling Stylebook Spring 2017 (updated)

Every publication needs a style. Many take cues, or follow exclusively, the Associated Press Style. We're going to do the former. Below are the specific style treatments that every assignment should follow. For everything else, we'll defer to AP Style. Acronyms:¬†When an organization or group refers to itself as a acronym, the first mention of... Continue Reading →

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