People in Philly love dead things. Where you can get taxidermy in Philadelphia.

Taxidermy isn’t dead. The business of it, that is. Taxidermy is the art of preserving an animal’s body through stuffing or mounting, with life like features, for display or study purposes. Breakthrough Magazine reported that Americans spent $800 million on taxidermy in 2011. In Philly, you can see taxidermy in a variety of different history... Continue Reading →

Music in Philadelphia is changing for the better

Gail Vivar is a junior at Temple University studying journalism. She loves visiting New York City and complaining about how slow people walk. Gail loves being an aunt and a daughter to her large family despite their constant nagging about her horrible singing. She hopes to be working in New York City for a music... Continue Reading →

The philadelphia music scene is back on the rise as many new artists continue to appear from the city of brotherly love

Serenity Bishop is currently a senior at Temple University pursuing a career in sports journalism. He is currently interning at the Daily Local News covering high school sports in Chester County. When Serenity is not covering sports, he is most likely playing them. He currently plays rugby at Temple. Despite his main passion being sports,... Continue Reading →

Photos and videos by Kaci Lewandowski / Multimedia Storytelling The men of Bearlesque bared it all on stage at OutFest on October 9th of this year. Josh Schonewolf came up with the idea of a show like this when he met who is now the male lead of Bearlesque for the first time. They decided... Continue Reading →

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