The philadelphia music scene is back on the rise as many new artists continue to appear from the city of brotherly love

Serenity Bishop is currently a senior at Temple University pursuing a career in sports journalism. He is currently interning at the Daily Local News covering high school sports in Chester County. When Serenity is not covering sports, he is most likely playing them. He currently plays rugby at Temple. Despite his main passion being sports, he also has a passion for music. Serenity writes and creates his own music and is always tuned into the music world.

Gail Vivar is a junior at Temple University studying Journalism. She loves visiting New York City and complaining about how slow people walk. Gail loves being an aunt and a daughter to her large family despite their constant nagging about her horrible singing. She hopes to be working in New York City for a music magazine or a global student website.

Philadelphia Music

The Philadelphia music scene has featured some of the most iconic artist in the world. Most famously, rappers such as Cassidy, Meek Mill, Lil Uzi Vert, Will Smith and PNB Rock have come from the City of Brotherly Love. Singers such as Jill Scott, Pattie LaBelle and many more has made Philadelphia a music city.

Why Does it Need More Coverage

Every year there are more artists coming out of Philadelphia, which is one of the main reasons why this topic needs more coverage. Up-and-coming artist like Chynna, Grande Marshall, Miles Chancellor and Tierra Whack are artist who have a lot of talent, but go unnoticed because the lack of coverage on the Philadelphia music scene.

We’re the right people to cover this because….

Gail and I are the right people to cover this topic because we are two people who love music. Gail currently works for a music magazine and I love to create my own music. It’s a passion that we both share and finding new artist and new music is always interesting.

Three interesting ideas we hope to explore

Three interesting ideas that we hope to explore are Global Villages jam sessions, house music scenes and music therapy. The Global Village jam sessions are very laid back experiences where local artist come together play. House music scenes are very diverse shows. There are many different types of music that are played at these shows and we want to explore the artist that only survive based on their Soundcloud accounts. Also we want to investigate how music therapy helps people in their every day lives. For example, a form of musical therapy could include a pregnant woman who puts headphones on her stomach and plays it for the baby.




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