Jon Dowding Captures Philadelphia’s Culture

Hailing from New Jersey, reporter Jon Dowding prides himself in documenting the city of Philadelphia's culture and social issues. Dowding is a Journalism and Spanish double major with a minor in Political Science. He currently attends Temple University. Q: What makes you unique? A: I am proud to say that I'm Jersey born. I'm biracial.... Continue Reading →

Culture in Philly has a new name: Emily Pentz

A new reporter has become the face of Philadelphia culture. Emily Pentz, a junior at Temple University, has taken on the challenge of writing for a beat that paints a picture of the diverse people of this great city. But how did she get here? In a Q&A with Emily, we discovered how she got to... Continue Reading →

The Process Of Zoning In Philadelphia

Philadelphia and its' residents have within the past five years been facing new zoning laws. While most homeowners are aware that these laws exist, the extent of these laws are unknown. As of Aug. 22, 2012, Philadelphia has been implementing a new Zoning Code, which regulates the development within the city. These regulations were slightly... Continue Reading →

Fairmount Is More Than Just The Art Museum

Fairmount is a neighborhood within the Center City District of Philadelphia. Its boundaries are north of Spring Garden Street, west of Broad Street, south of Girard Avenue and east of The Schuylkill River. Fairmount is sometimes referred to as the "Art Museum Area for its proximity to and association with the Art Museum. Dylan Ostrow,... Continue Reading →

Not Your Average Theatergoing Experience at FringeArts

Fringe festivals have been around since 1947, when the inaugural festival was held in Edinburgh, Scotland. Fast forward 50 years to 1997, when the first fringe festival occurred right in Philadelphia. Since then, FringeArts has been working its way into the Philly theatre scene, providing unique productions and a casual atmosphere. Hallie Martenson, the FringeArts communications... Continue Reading →

Empowering Individuals To Break The Cycle Of Poverty

  Homeless Finding their way to Project Home Erika Hickerson, Case Manager Safe Haven 1 and 2 for Project Home, says there are 18 programs at “Project H.O.M.E, which is a Philadelphia non-profit organizationempowering individuals to break the cycle of poverty and homelessness through affordable housing, employment, health care, and education.” “We have 18 programs in... Continue Reading →

The Effort Of Renovations

William Penn founded Philadelphia with the intentions of continuing his love of London’s neighborhoods. Philadelphia has been called “the City of Homes” to “the City of Residences,” but now is being established as the “City of Neighborhoods,” as Penn once dreamed. While the total population of people moving into the city of Philadelphia and its... Continue Reading →

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