Fairmount Is More Than Just The Art Museum

Fairmount is full of brown stone apartments, the same kind that are found throughout the entire city. Although, Fairmount is considered different though because of it’s cleanliness and its’ neighborhood feeling.

Fairmount is a neighborhood within the Center City District of Philadelphia. Its boundaries are north of Spring Garden Street, west of Broad Street, south of Girard Avenue and east of The Schuylkill River. Fairmount is sometimes referred to as the “Art Museum Area for its proximity to and association with the Art Museum.

Dylan Ostrow, a realtor with Fox and Roach in the Center City location, has previously lived in the Fairmount area. He loved it for its “neighborhood” feel and the proximity to Center City. Having moved there right after graduation from college, he liked the night life that was readily available to him and his roommates. He said the only reason he moved out of the area was to be closer to his wife’s job, which was in the suburbs. He did briefly mention that they plan on moving back into the city within the next couple months because they are not “suburb people.”

Rebecca Sole, a Realtor with Delphi Property Group, loves Fairmount for its established setting and night life.She said that Fairmount is continuing to expand past its boundaries. While smaller neighborhoods inside Fairmount are still catching up, they have just as much potential as Fairmount.

According to Phila.gov, the name “Fairmount” derives from the hill on which the Philadelphia Museum of Art was built.

During the American Revolution, British soldiers in Philadelphia built defensive walls starting at Fairmount Hill and continuing to the Delaware River. The purpose was to prevent American troops under George Washington from attacking from the north.

Currently, Fairmount is a consistent mix of people of different races, ages and occupations. According to the 2000 census, the racial makeup of Fairmount includes 65% White, 24% African American, 3% Asian, and 4% other races.


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