The Off Season Isn’t Hurting the Starr Restaurants of AC

The Continental of Atlantic City is open and draws in customers year round.

High-volume is what Starr employees expect when they arrive to work each day in Philadelphia. At Starr, and for nearly any restaurant in a city holding over 1.5 million people, you have to expect to be busy at some point. The winters do get slow at times, but the business never is completely “dead,” as one might call it.

Those who work in restaurants in South Jersey experience the worst when it comes to business during the off season. The detrimental state that Atlantic City is currently in hasn’t enticed tourists or others to come and vacation there, either. Yet despite cold weather and closing casinos, Buddakan and Continental, located in the Pier Shops at Caesar’s, have little-to-no problem during the off season.

Some feel that the names of the restaurants themselves have a lot to do with what keeps them buzzing throughout the year. The Philadelphia locations of Buddakan and Continental Mid-town made the Restaurant Business magazine’s list of top-100 independent grossing restaurants in America in 2014.

I had the chance to speak to a couple of Starr employees about what it’s like working year round at the Continental. Check out what they had to say.




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