Philadelphia’s Non-Profit Leaders Send Hopefuls to “Bootcamp”

With thousands of Philadelphians looking to land a job in non-profits, but many of them not sure how to get their foot in the door, Nonprofit Nerds Philly Meetup created various programs that would help individuals not only get in the door, but kick it down. Before their 'Non-Profit Job Hunting Bootcamp' program, organizer Marta Rusek... Continue Reading →

Tips and tools: How to cover a beat

Covering a beat is hard work. It can be time-consuming, confusing to navigate and difficult to balance what you've learned with what your audience understands. But beat reporting is also fun, interesting and rewarding. You will be reporting on dedicated topics and geographic areas this semester, and you have just 15 weeks to make the... Continue Reading →

Tips and tools: Web headline writing

How do you write a good web headline? Hint: Don't take notes from the photo above. First, consider everything you've been taught about writing a good newspaper headline and forget it. Second, consider the headlines that make you, as a reader, click on something and read the story all the way through. Since classes are... Continue Reading →

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