What happens after the sun goes down in Philly ?


Freixys is a senior journalism major specializing in broadcast. She is currently a senior reporter for Templar and the head of marketing for her organization, Esencia Latina (the first and only Latin Dance team at Temple University). Freixys would like to learn a little bit of everything involving journalism, and when she was a sophomore, she interned for SSPTV channel 13, Hazleton PA. She is currently making arrangements to do an internship abroad that will base on travel journalism.

My Name is Vladislav Solomakhin. Before having ever visited Philadelphia I talked with a girl who summed up her trip to Philly as getting catcalled on the streets and waiting in a long line to see a bell. I became a Journalism major at Temple University in 2015. After having lived in Philly for over two years, I can safely say that there is a lot more to Philly then that. Needless to say, I still haven’t seen the bell and have never gotten catcalled, however I have meet a lot of great people and discovered many interesting places.    


When thinking about the city nightlife, what may come to mind is the diverse selection of clubs, lounges and bars that the city of Philadelphia has to offer. However, Philly is sizzling with activities that include more than just sipping cocktails. There’s art, live music, social dancing, great food and a series of other activities that make this city nightlife entertaining without being basic. 


Philly’s nightlife has been covered to an extent. Entertainment magazines, blogs and local news channels don’t show the whole picture when it comes to what happens after dark. Nightlife isn’t treated/covered like daytime, and is just as important. 


We love the night! Is the time of the day when we feel more productive and is also the time of the day when we get to relax after a week full of work and assignments. We also know people that can facilitate contacts when it comes to night events around the city. 


Every city has its own Unique culture. Philadelphia is a very diverse city with many ethnically diverse neighborhoods. We want to explore various aspects of Philadelphia’s cultural diversity through its nightlife.

  1. The first idea we have is to cover Philly social dancing scene, which of course , has its peak at night. Places such as, Lucha Cartel and Brasil hold this type of events every week and we would like to see how big the dancing community is and how diverse, fun and different is.
  2. Philladelphia Fashion Week is also happening soon and we would like to have some coverage of that and see how it may compare and contrast with New York Fashion Week.
  3. R2L is a bar and lounge, located on the 37th floor of TWO Liberty Place, It has a strict dress code and a jaw dropping panoramic view of Philadelphia. 




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