What Happens in Philly When The Sun Goes Down!?!?

Who We Are My Name is Vladislav Solomakhin. Before having ever visited Philadelphia I talked with a girl who summed up her trip to Philly as getting catcalled on the streets and waiting in a long line to see a bell. I became a Journalism major at Temple University in 2015. After having lived in... Continue Reading →

Unnamed Music Festival Sheds Light on Aspiring Filmmakers in Philly

The Puff Boy, from advertisement poster for the Unnamed Film Festival / Vladislav Solomakhin  Philadelphia is not known for its nightlife or its movie industry. Everyone knows that the casinos are in Las Vegas, the night clubs are in Miami, and that movies are filmed in Los Angeles and New York. Historically, the impact of... Continue Reading →

The Philadelphia Veterans Day Parade kicked off at 16th and Market streets on Sunday, Nov. 6 to show appreciation for the veterans who fought for our country over the years. Citizens of Philadelphia lined the sidewalks of Market Street to cheer on, and more importantly, thank the veterans who traveled down in the parade. Jerry Polonsky,... Continue Reading →

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