What Happens in Philly When The Sun Goes Down!?!?

Who We Are My Name is Vladislav Solomakhin. Before having ever visited Philadelphia I talked with a girl who summed up her trip to Philly as getting catcalled on the streets and waiting in a long line to see a bell. I became a Journalism major at Temple University in 2015. After having lived in... Continue Reading →

Philadelphia cyclists displeased as Bicycle Coalition pushes for protected bike lanes

  As Philadelphia's population grows, the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia - a nonprofit aiming to improve conditions for cyclists around the city - pushes yet another campaign. Titled “Hub and Spoke”, the campaign aims to implement a network of new, protected bike lanes – separated from motor vehicle lanes “by a b uffer, physical barrier,... Continue Reading →

Gennaro’s Journey to a New World

You think one could hardly remember taking on a one-way journey at such a young age. Gennaro Vuono came to America many decades ago, highly dependent on the life his parents promised him and his baby brother. Here is a family of Italian Immigrants who sacrificed everything they had in order to provide for their... Continue Reading →

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