Gennaro’s Journey to a New World

You think one could hardly remember taking on a one-way journey at such a young age. Gennaro Vuono came to America many decades ago, highly dependent on the life his parents promised him and his baby brother.

Here is a family of Italian Immigrants who sacrificed everything they had in order to provide for their children and grandchildren. I had the honor of speaking with Former President/Rep of Son’s Of Italy, Gennaro Vuono. He openly told me how much his family and the Italian culture means to him.

Just like many rooted Italians, he also hopes that the culture continues to thrive and breath life into the humble, Italian homes all over the world.

“It’s all about preservation and making sure what was originally brought here…not forgotten. My son tells me all the time how difficult it can be to find authenticity in restaurants and bakeries today. Very American now. To me, “American” is a western blend of a multitude of cultures.”

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