Naples Native turns Drexel into an Italian Village

Pia Brancaccio, an art history professor at Drexel University, specializes in Asian art. However, the Naples native wanted to do something to celebrate Italian culture during Italian Heritage Month. Brancaccio decided to turn the URBN Center at Drexel University into a small Italian village by inviting students and faculty to help hang up "laundry" and... Continue Reading →

Temple University Opens First Temple Rome Campus Art Gallery Temple University is honoring the 50th anniversary of its Rome Campus and its study abroad program. In celebration, an exhibit featuring art works from several faculty members of the Rome campus; the first time the campus' work has ever been displayed in America. The draw of this exhibit is to highlight the amazing opportunity... Continue Reading →

Gennaro’s Journey to a New World

You think one could hardly remember taking on a one-way journey at such a young age. Gennaro Vuono came to America many decades ago, highly dependent on the life his parents promised him and his baby brother. Here is a family of Italian Immigrants who sacrificed everything they had in order to provide for their... Continue Reading →

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