The Importance of Service While Serving

Server Cameron Blank exemplifies what it means to serves all needs to guests at Buddakan.


Of the 19 Starr restaurants around Philadelphia, Buddakan is on the higher scale when it comes to atmosphere, service, and (of course) cost. Located between 4th and 3rd Street on Chestnut Street in the historic part of the city, Buddakan’s menu offers Asian-fusion style dishes which include a variety of dim sum and noodles. Guests expect the highest level of service from the because of it’s exotic and flashy appearance, as well as the high price of the dishes on the menu. Because of this, measures are taken to ensure that the servers can satisfy every need of the customers and answer any and all questions about every dish and drink in the restaurant.

Server Cameron Blank, 32, knows this just as well as anyone. We had the chance to speak with him over lunch about what it takes to be an excellent server, and what is expected on all levels to work for a corporation like Starr Restaurants. Cameron has worked in restaurants since he was 13, and has been working for Starr restaurants in Philadelphia for the last 11 years. He spent three years running food and bar tending at Pod, five years at Jones, and two and a half years at the Dandelion. He is presently serving at Buddakan, in what is undoubtedly the finest environment of any restaurant he has worked in before.




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