Kelly Anne Dolan Memorial Fund Celebrates 40 Years of Helping Families With Pediatric Cancer

              Peggy Dolan was surrounded by sponsors, donors, friends and family as she gracefully took the mic at the celebration gala. "This is so cool," she laughed. Also in attendance at the 40 Year Celebration Gala were the nurses who took care of her late daughter, Kelly Anne. Also... Continue Reading →

Saxbys Coffee Hosts Event For Entrepreneurs Through Ciao Philadelphia

CEO and Founder of Saxbys Coffee, Nick Bayer, sat with me to discuss the interactive Ciao Philadelphia event, Espresso and Entrepreneurship. This event is for young professionals and entrepreneurs who display eagerness in becoming Philadelphia's future business leaders at the Saxbys Headquarters. There were open discussions about the importance of community outreach, coffee consumption in... Continue Reading →

Italian Culture Awareness (Beat Report)

What we THINK we know about our Italian heritage today will send our ancestors laughing and shaking their heads in their graves! Forget about the orange drunk crazy peeps from ‘Jersey Shore’, we really do have ourselves a SITUATION. Q) Judging by your name, you're obviously Italian. Did you grow up with traditions or more... Continue Reading →

A Sweet Tradition from the Old Country

(Photo Taken: Francesca Ruscio) For many Italians today, growing up on those sweet memories of breaking Easter Bread every year is a favorite Easter memory.  "Easter is a bigger holiday for us than Christmas here at the store and within my family," says co-owner Maria Nappi-Grispino of the Altomonte's Italian Market. Even though it's considered one of... Continue Reading →

Gennaro’s Journey to a New World

You think one could hardly remember taking on a one-way journey at such a young age. Gennaro Vuono came to America many decades ago, highly dependent on the life his parents promised him and his baby brother. Here is a family of Italian Immigrants who sacrificed everything they had in order to provide for their... Continue Reading →

Storify Assignment

Socially, many people want to capture a piece of the Italian Culture every day! I located  bakeries and markets within the city and throughout greater Philadelphia and their customer's reactions towards their selections! See the Storify here  

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