Kelly Anne Dolan Memorial Fund Celebrates 40 Years of Helping Families With Pediatric Cancer

*Photo taken by Francesca Ruscio*                                                                                                                         The Kelly Anne Dolan Memorial Fund celebrates 40 years of Peggy Dolan’s handwork. Peggy Dolan’s late daughter, Kelly Anne, died of cancer four decades ago. She has made it her life’s mission to help other families because she learned from her daughter’s passing that there are other families out there in need of donations and financial support.








Peggy Dolan was surrounded by sponsors, donors, friends and family as she gracefully took the mic at the celebration gala.

“This is so cool,” she laughed. Also in attendance at the 40 Year Celebration Gala were the nurses who took care of her late daughter, Kelly Anne.

Also in attendance were The Kelly Anne Dolan Memorial Fund faculty. Jen Lawn has known Peggy for over 30 years and works along side Peggy helping families.

“I am the event coordinator for the Kelly Anne Dolan Memorial Fund. I’ve known Peggy for over 15 years. What Peggy’s legacy is, I would say, is knowing that she made a difference for over 27,000 families in the Philadelphia area.”

Lawn continued to mention how even though Peggy adds the title “retired” to her name, she will still continue to be very involved in the foundation for many years to come.

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