Kelly Anne Dolan Memorial Fund Celebrates 40 Years Of Helping Families With Pediatric Cancer

*Photo taken by Francesca Ruscio*

For the last 40 years, the Kelly Anne Dolan Memorial Fund has helped thousands of families in times of need and just last week, Philadelphia came together in the Crystal Tea Room to celebrate co-founder, Peggy Dolan,  and her legacy. Peggy Dolan lost her daughter, Kelly Anne, to a very rare form of Leukemia in 1976. What Peggy and her husband learned through their daughter’s illness, is that there are so many other families out there experiencing the same heartache as well as the financial strain of trying to keep up with medical bills and everyday life. Peggy recognized 40 years ago that these families are in need of support. She then co-founded the Kelly Anne Dolan Memorial fund because back in the 1970’s there weren’t any established programs or funds to help families financially get through their personal crisis periods of losing loved ones to illnesses. It was important for Peggy to turn her tragedy of losing Kelly Anne into a life’s mission.

*Photos of families courtesy of Dara N King Photography*

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