Zach Bourgeois is Keeping You Updated About the Next Hot Event in Philly


Who better to tell you where to go on a Friday night than a local who’s been going to Philly events since birth? Zach Bourgeois is a South Jersey native and he’s been to more than just a random weekend street festival. From Made in America to Red Bull events he’s seen some of the best events and festivals that the city has to offer. The Temple journalism student is a reporter who likes to cover a broad range of happenings. He’s hoping that his coverage of the latest and greatest in the city will bring him and his readers a variety of events.



Q: Why did you choose to focus on event coverage this fall?

Bourgeois: I thought about what part of life in Philly has the most going on. A part of life that always has something new to talk about. Events can cover a lot of different parts of life here and it didn’t feel so restricting for me to just focus on one topic. There is a lot of stuff to could cover within events that I’m interested in.


Q: Have you ever reported on events before?

Bourgeois: I’ve done concert reviews for WHIP, the Temple University radio station. But it’s only been very generic coverage, nothing super in depth. I’m excited to work on some more compelling work.


Q: Have you yourself ever organized an event?

Bourgeois: Aside from a party, no.  I’m not familiar with what it’s like for organizers to plan an event in the city and I don’t know what they have to go through.


Q: What kind of events do you plan to cover?

Bourgeois: I plan on covering as many different events as I can. Music, film, charity, sports… I want to become a little melting pot to show all kinds of cool and different happenings.


Q: Have you been to any events recently?

Bourgeois: Well, I went to Made in America this year. I also went to an election event in Center City right before the Democratic National Convention. There were a bunch of food trucks and live music. It was really just about the food for me. But it was cool because a bunch of professional reporters were there too grabbing a bite to eat.


Q: What about in your own neighborhood? Are there a lot of events going on near your home?

Bourgeois:  I live in South Jersey. There’s not a lot going on near me. But I’ve always been coming to Philly when something cool is happening. That felt close enough for me to feel like there was always stuff to do locally.


Q: Do you think the fall is a busy time for events in the Philadelphia area?

Bourgeois: Honestly, I’d say the city is always busy. There is more going on in the summer when more people are around and have a little more free time but the rest of the year there is still plenty to do. Whether they’re free or pay to get in events, whether they are happening in Center City or Manayunk. It feels like 24/7 there are things to do here.


Q: Do you think events bring people together that normally wouldn’t be together?

Bourgeois: Yes. I mean it depends on the event but when you experience something with people and you are all enjoying it you connect with them. You share a common passion.


Q: Is there a particular event (or events) you recommend for people to go to?

Bourgeois: The events that Red Bull hosts are awesome. Like the box car race or Red Bull can art competition were great.


Q: Have you ever been to a bad event?

Bourgeois: Honestly no. Made in America was really crowded last year but everything is so well planned in Philly that I’ve never walked away from something with a negative feeling.



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