Stetson Miller, the Voice of Philadelphia’s Local Businesses


Stetson is prepared to give the most in depth coverage of Philadelphia’s local businesses

Stetson Miller is a Bryn Mawr, Pa. native but spent his early childhood in New York City. He’ has had his fair share of experience with local business. This is why he saw local business as being the most logical beat to chose. I had a chance to talk with Stetson to see what he hopes to accomplish with this beat, and  his opinion on local business, both across the country and here within the city.



Q: You recently picked to report on the local business beat. What was your motivation behind that choice?

A: Well I thought that it wouldn’t be too difficult to cover because its really accessible to everyone. During my time as a reporter and journalist, businesses have always been pretty easy to work with and really want to talk to you, so it was an easy choice to take the subject I’ve had the best experience with so far.

Q: What kind of connections do you feel towards local businesses yourself?

A: I consume and enjoy cool local businesses everyday here in Philadelphia, and there are so many more I want to explore. I feel that this beat can really bring me closer to that and these businesses.

Q: What connections do you hope to build with these businesses by the end of the semester?

A: I hope to have at least open communication with these businesses. I want them to have a really open and honest conversation with me so I can create the best story out there and give them the press they deserve to help them out. Not to mention get the people of the greater Philadelphia region informed about all these amazing places the city has for them.

Q: With informing the people of Philadelphia, what do you think these stories will give them?

A: Well it will introduce a wave of people to things they enjoy, but it can also steer them away from the business. I may have to write a story on a bad local business that isn’t positive. That’s just the nature of being a reporter though. I may never speak to them again or be welcomed into that store, but that’s something that comes with the job.

Q: Do you think local business is dying?

A: No, I honestly think there’s always going to be a place for local businesses especially within an urban environment. It’s definitely a lot harder now, but growing up in Manhattan I was exposed to a lot of local thriving businesses that show they’re still kicking.

Q: What do you feel is the difference between New York City Local businesses and Philadelphia’s?

A: Businesses are much busier in New York by a lot. There’s also a much broader range with the businesses. Of course I have a little bias when it comes to it, but I feel as though the diversity is much larger in New York. I also haven’t had as much experience with Philly local businesses, but I would definitely say that the local businesses here have a much more personal feel to them.

Q: Do you think that local businesses still embody the American Dream like they did the past?

A: Oh yeah for sure. Certainly there are still options for anyone to come up and become successful in today’s world with their own small business.

Q: Would you ever want to own your own local business?

A: No, I’ve always wanted to be a reporter if not work for other people.

Q: What about starting up your own local reporting job?

A: That sounds like a lot of work and I don’t know how I personally would be able to handle all of that. I think I have too much respect for the reporting done now to come out and do something new like say Buzzfeed did even and change the landscape of what we perceive as a newsworthy website. I don’t know though, it’s not on my radar but you never know further down the road.

Q: What’s your favorite local business within the city?

A: There’s a lot of good ones, but I think I have to go with HoneyGrow. I think the idea is totally cool, with local fresh ingredients and I love stir fry. Also helps they’re opening one up here at Temple too.  


Editor’s note: This post was updated in June 2017 to clarify when Miller lived in New York.

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