Talented Temple Student Picks Up The Philadelphia Art Beat

Moran on Temple’s campus.

There is a fresh new journalist reporting here in the cultured city of Philadelphia. Erin Moran, a journalism student at Temple University has just taken on the challenge of covering the art beat. I had the opportunity to ask her a few questions about herself and how she plans to go about reporting on the arts.

How/when did you decide to major in journalism?

Erin Moran: I’ve always been interested in writing and growing up I always wanted to be an author. By the time I got to high school, however, my school had cut the creative writing elective. I took a journalism class instead and ended up loving it. I was obsessed with my school paper and never saw myself doing anything else in college.

Is there anything in particular that drew you to Temple/Philadelphia?

EM: My high school guidance counselor originally introduced me to Temple, but I wasn’t a huge fan until I attended accepted students day. It was then that I really started to love the school and took an interest in the journalism program as well as SMC Study Away. Plus I couldn’t turn down my scholarship!

 What are some of your goals after graduation?
EM: After graduation I hope to move to a different city and work as a reporter, hopefully at a print publication. I’d also like to go to law school eventually.
What year student are you?
EM: I’m a junior.
What is your beat? 
EM: I am the art beat this semester.
Why did you choose this in particular?
EM: I really wanted a broad topic so I wouldn’t find stuck or bored with a more specific beat. I’ve always been interested in art and I am always learning about art news around the city because of my position as deputy features editor at The Temple News, so it seemed like a good choice.
What will the primary purpose of your reports on this beat be? (ex. to inform, to inspire change, to inspire debate, etc.)
EM: The primary purpose of my reports will be to inform readers about the art community in Philadelphia and hopefully inspire them to learn more or get involved.
What (if any) challenges do you anticipate while reporting on this beat?
EM: I think the biggest challenge will be to vary up my content and make sure each story is different. Of course I could be reporting on very different styles of art, but it’s easy to fall into the trap of doing the same profile structure over and over.
What are your goals for this semester regarding your beat reports?
EM: My goals are to improve my photography and video skills and step out of my comfort zone even in a beat I’m pretty familiar with.
What aspects of this class/your reports are you most looking forward to?
EM: I’m looking forward to getting out in the city to do some reporting instead of being stuck on campus.

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