Miss Philadelphia 2013 Has A Passion For Citywide Events

Francesca Ruscio, a senior communications major at Temple University, is no stranger to attending big events happening in the city of Philadelphia. After competing and placing first in the Miss Philadelphia Pageant in 2013, she continues to build a loving relationship for the events and people in this city. After being crowned, Ruscio was attending 3-4 social events per week, meeting all kinds of new and diverse people. Now she hopes to take the skills she has learned to some different events in the city of brotherly love. Ruscio is looking to find out more about charity, entertainment, and social events occurring in Philly. I had the pleasure of sitting down with Ruscio and discussing her fascination with the people of Philadelphia that attend and produce such great social gatherings.

  • What made you want to become a journalist in the city of Philadelphia?

FR: This city is my home and as a local, I grew up watching the very station I work at now. To be able to work for this market is a blessing and to be a morning news traffic anchor for NBC10 is a dream come true for a girl like me.

  • Why did you pick to cover the events beat?

FR: I picked this beat because I just love the Philly scene so much. When given the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life with great stature and intention, it makes these gatherings incredibly worth attending.

  • Do you think this beat fits your personality?

FR: This beat will be personal to some degree. I think attending events it will bring back that inner Miss Philadelphia and I realize I’m now serving as a beat reporter.

  • How do you think being crowned Miss Philadelphia can help you with this beat?

FR: Not many people could relate to this, so I will do my best to answer this question. When you put that crown on your head and you wear a sash that says ‘Miss Philadelphia’ you have a huge responsibility because that sparkly thing draws so much attention and children look to you as a role model. This job taught me what it’s like to be comfortable with being uncomfortable 24/7. It was okay for me to approach little kids at events and to volunteer for organizations in neighborhoods that I would never find myself venturing to. The platform of a Miss Philadelphia is community service and children’s hospitals. In terms of my beat, I was attending charitable events all the time and enjoying the stories of people that came with it.

  • Did you have to attend certain events after being crowned Miss Philadelphia?

FR: Once a Miss Philadelphia, always a Miss Philadelphia. I still attend and participate in many of the events since my year of service in 2013. Charitable, Philly Fun, fundraisers, galas you name it. I now work as a journalist in Philadelphia for NBC10 and still continue to support the locals in anyway I can.

  • What types of events in Philly are you most interested in covering? 

FR: Events where there is an activity that benefits a specific cause at the same time. For example, there could be a gala in town where proceeds benefit the Kelly Anne Dolan Memorial Fund to be specific. These events capture the locals attention, but it’s the cause that brings people together. That is why I love Philly so much. When it comes to charities and foundations and supporting local businesses, you’d be surprised how people will go out of their way for each other.

  • What do you love about charities and why do you want to cover them in your beat?

FR: I love fundraisers for children. Children are young and impressionable. They know who is there for them and who isn’t. I love doing charity work for the children’s hospital of Philadelphia. I love attending events where the focus is funding education and who doesn’t love animals. PAWS is a great organization for animals in the city too.

  • Could you see yourself starting your own charity one day?

FR: I do plan to establish my own foundation one day. I find great satisfaction in giving back to others and putting others before myself. 

  • What do you hope to learn and take away from this beat?

FR: I want to learn where people get the drive to put on events year after year after year. Where does that passion stem from and why? That is what I want to find out. 

  • In the future, can you see yourself reporting on this beat as a career?

FR: In my future, I see myself participating and hopefully have the wallet to give back as well. I would love to start my own foundation and build a solid career in the TV and film world.


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