Philly Veteran Uses Drum Therapy To Help Other Former Soldiers

When a soldier in the armed forces retires and becomes a veteran, one would think the war stops there for them. They come home to their families or loved ones and live a normal life. Right? One would hope this would be the case for somebody that fought to preserve the liberties and freedoms we... Continue Reading →

Fralinger String Band Looks To Keep The Winning Tradition Going

Fralinger String Band is one of 17 string bands in South Philly that competes in the Mummers Parade on New Year's Day here in Philadelphia. These string bands put on a colorful show marching down Broad Street. with bright costumes, choreography, and intricate music pieces that please the ear. The Mummers Parade is a Philadelphia tradition... Continue Reading →

Francesca Ruscio, a senior communications major at Temple University, is no stranger to attending big events happening in the city of Philadelphia. After competing and placing first in the Miss Philadelphia Pageant in 2013, she continues to build a loving relationship for the events and people in this city. After being crowned, Ruscio was attending... Continue Reading →

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