Fralinger String Band Looks To Keep The Winning Tradition Going

Fralinger String Band is one of 17 string bands in South Philly that competes in the Mummers Parade on New Year’s Day here in Philadelphia. These string bands put on a colorful show marching down Broad Street. with bright costumes, choreography, and intricate music pieces that please the ear. The Mummers Parade is a Philadelphia tradition that dates back to 1901. Fralinger is considered to be more of a juggernaut band, winning eight consecutive years in a row from 2003 to 2010. According to the band, it is more of a lifestyle than a hobby.

Fralinger has a clubhouse located at Third and Mifflin Street. in South Philly. This is where the band has practice and comes together as a family. Fralinger band members will show up to the club house hours before practice to talk about new music, to practice, and just hang out.

They practice all year round to get their performance just right. They also play in parades throughout the year and get hired for weddings, ceremonies, graduations, etc. to make money to pay for the extravagant suits, props, and much more. The parade seems to get bigger every year. Since 2012, the parade has attracted over 10,000 Mummers and marchers to descend on Broad Street to show off their bright costumes and original music pieces on New Year’s Day. Fralinger works hard and prides themselves on their work ethic, practicing three times a week for up to six hours sometimes. Take a look as Fralinger prepares for the 2017 Mummers Parade!

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