Rachel Keller Is Her Name And Entertainment Is Her Game

By : Ayanna Witherspoon

Philly is a very rich in its culture and entertainment. Rachel Keller, a Journalism major,  will be traveling around Philly covering the entertainment beat. The entertainment world is no stranger to Keller because she has done numerous internships in that field and hopes to become an Entertainment journalist once she graduates.


Q: What are you anticipating from this beat?

I think that there will be a lot of opportunities to have fun with this beat! Entertainment means different things for different people so it can be taken far.

Q:How did you go about choosing your beat?

I chose Entertainment because I had the most interest in that beat. I think Philadelphia is known for its liveliness like art, culture, music, and activities of that nature. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that I have the most background in entertainment.

Q: What should people from out of town look forward to when coming to Philly for entertainment?

They should expect that the people here are very creative and unique. People express themselves in many different ways that’s why entertainment is different for each individual. There’s so many events, festivals, and shows to go to.

Q: One of the biggest festivals this summer is Spruce’s st. Harbor park, Have you ever been there? H Harbor park?

Yeah I’ve been to Spruce St. It’s beautiful at night with all of the different colored lights and the hammocks set up.

Q:What do you call entertainment?

Entertainment is to be amused outside of your daily routine. It’s something that isn’t taken so seriously and has a more fun element. To me, going to any type of show would be my type of entertainment.

Q:Do you think Philly has a lot of entertainment for all different types of people?

Yes absolutely. There is a big theater presence in this town for anyone who likes seeing plays and musicals. Also, there are art shows and festivals for all types of people. Sports are important here as well and there are games anyone can get tickets to.

Q:What are your thoughts about Philly’s Made in America event?

I think it’s amazing and it makes me proud that Jay Z chose Philadelphia to hold this gigantic event every year. Not only are everyone’s favorite artists performing, but there are also vendors throughout the entire festival.

Q: What type of Entertainment is going on right now in Philly that you are interested in?

Right now, there is a new show on fox called The Q which is Philadelphia’s first entertainment talk show with a live audience. People can get tickets to be in the studio.

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