Two Huge Nerds: Questioning Institutional Effectiveness

WHO WE ARE Diana Shalenkova is a freelance photographer based out of Philadelphia. She picked up her first DSLR after moving to the States from Saint Petersburg, Russia as a teenager and since has filled more hard drives with photographs than she can count. While she still must work multiple jobs to make ends meet,... Continue Reading →

Senior Shannon Hurley Aims to Explore Philly Small Businesses

Although Shannon Hurley originally fell in love with broadcast journalism, she is ready to change her focus to writing. The senior journalism major keeps busy with two bar-tending jobs and an online internship, but she is excited to cover the small business beat this semester. I sat down with Shannon to see how she plans... Continue Reading →

Italian Culture Awareness (Beat Report)

What we THINK we know about our Italian heritage today will send our ancestors laughing and shaking their heads in their graves! Forget about the orange drunk crazy peeps from ‘Jersey Shore’, we really do have ourselves a SITUATION. Q) Judging by your name, you're obviously Italian. Did you grow up with traditions or more... Continue Reading →

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