Le Cat Café Helps Find Homes For Cats Like Windsor

Le Cat Café in the Brewerytown neighborhood of Philadelphia was opened this past April by the owners of Green Street Rescue. The platform behind the café is to provide a different type of setting for people to interact with rescued cats and to help find homes for these stray cats in the city. One cat named... Continue Reading →

Mums and Mutts Brings Communities Together to Help Philadelphia’s Animal Shelters

https://youtu.be/4FO2WiY23Jg Save the Mums and Mutts, a family-friendly event complete with animal adoption and raffle prizes, has taken place in South Philadelphia at Burke Playground for the past 7 years! All the proceeds go to helping animals in need and funding various animal shelters in Philadelphia. It has grown from founder Megan McFarland's modest idea... Continue Reading →

No Kill Shelter!

Ashley, is a Pet Care & Volunteer Coordinator, at the Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society, PAWS, located on 1810 Grant Avenue, Philadelphia, Pa, 19115.  In the video, Ashley explains what a work day consists of. Ashley also explains that PAWS is a no kill shelter and the process of bringing a homeless or abandoned animal to the shelter. Also, the... Continue Reading →

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