Culture in Philly has a new name: Emily Pentz

A new reporter has become the face of Philadelphia culture. Emily Pentz, a junior at Temple University, has taken on the challenge of writing for a beat that paints a picture of the diverse people of this great city. But how did she get here? In a Q&A with Emily, we discovered how she got to... Continue Reading →

Italian Culture Awareness (Beat Report)

What we THINK we know about our Italian heritage today will send our ancestors laughing and shaking their heads in their graves! Forget about the orange drunk crazy peeps from ‘Jersey Shore’, we really do have ourselves a SITUATION. Q) Judging by your name, you're obviously Italian. Did you grow up with traditions or more... Continue Reading →

Storify Assignment

Socially, many people want to capture a piece of the Italian Culture every day! I located  bakeries and markets within the city and throughout greater Philadelphia and their customer's reactions towards their selections! See the Storify here  

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