For better or worse, Kensington High School in transition

Kensington High School, located on 2051 E Cumberland Street, was revived this current school year. The former neighborhood school was just reopened, after the merging of two low-performing, niche Kensington school. Merging two different high schools  When the Philadelphia School District announced the closure and merger of Kensington Urban Education Academy high school and Kensington... Continue Reading →

Kensington’s often ignored positive aspects will be covered by Temple journalist

Kensington is a Philadelphia neighborhood that often receives negative coverage, and member of Temple University's Multimedia Storytelling class, Jennifer Karrigan, seeks to remedy this Kerrigan is the new beat reporter for the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia, hopes to showcase the positive features of a neighborhood that is commonly negatively stigmatized. She has past experiences photographing and... Continue Reading →

The Effort Of Renovations

William Penn founded Philadelphia with the intentions of continuing his love of London’s neighborhoods. Philadelphia has been called “the City of Homes” to “the City of Residences,” but now is being established as the “City of Neighborhoods,” as Penn once dreamed. While the total population of people moving into the city of Philadelphia and its... Continue Reading →

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