Tips and tools: Solutions Journalism

Philly is a hub for great stories, but it’s also a great place to do innovative reporting.

One of those experiments is happening right now at Temple, in the Journalism Department’s new solutions journalism class, Covering Addiction. Students are creating long form pieces about addiction and recovery. They’re searching for not just for problems and down-on-your-luck tales, but for people, organizations and ideas trying to solve them.

We’re not focusing specifically on solutions journalism this semester, but this 10-tip toolkit can help you in any reporting.

The biggest takeaway here is that there are a million miles between positive and negative, right and wrong. Your reporting should explore as much of that space as possible. Don’t let a single issue, person or subject define your narrative.

Check out all the tips here and visit the Covering Addiction site to see what your fellow students are up to.

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