Tips and tools: How to cover a beat

Covering a beat is hard work. It can be time-consuming, confusing to navigate and difficult to balance what you've learned with what your audience understands. But beat reporting is also fun, interesting and rewarding. You will be reporting on dedicated topics and geographic areas this semester, and you have just 15 weeks to make the... Continue Reading →

How to display

Our very hardworking development team discovered tonight that there is no quick solution to our embed issue. The short version of this story is that stopped supporting the type of site we use, so short of a major upgrade, we can't fix that. But there is a work-around! Step 1 Take a screenshot... Continue Reading →

Tips and tools: Solutions Journalism

Philly is a hub for great stories, but it's also a great place to do innovative reporting. One of those experiments is happening right now at Temple, in the Journalism Department's new solutions journalism class, Covering Addiction. Students are creating long form pieces about addiction and recovery. They're searching for not just for problems and... Continue Reading →

Tips and tools: Web headline writing

How do you write a good web headline? Hint: Don't take notes from the photo above. First, consider everything you've been taught about writing a good newspaper headline and forget it. Second, consider the headlines that make you, as a reader, click on something and read the story all the way through. Since classes are... Continue Reading →

TU Storytelling Stylebook Spring 2017 (updated)

Every publication needs a style. Many take cues, or follow exclusively, the Associated Press Style. We're going to do the former. Below are the specific style treatments that every assignment should follow. For everything else, we'll defer to AP Style. Acronyms: When an organization or group refers to itself as a acronym, the first mention of... Continue Reading →

Audio slideshow assignment details

What makes good audio, and how do you get it? How do you know which photos should accompany certain audio clips? Aligning two different media isn't always easy, and it's more challenging if neither is a format you're very comfortable with. Multimedia Producer Lindsay Lazarski talked about some of that when she guest-lectured last week.... Continue Reading →

Audio slideshow tips and tools

We're working on audio slideshows over the next two weeks. Below, let's look at some tips and tools to make sure the stories we're producing hit the right note. We'll review some editing tools, but those can be reviewed any time. In my experience teaching for these assignments, the more we focus on reporting methods,... Continue Reading →

Written story assignment details

Write and publish on your site a 500-600 word short feature story from your beat. Stories should include at least two human sources and one non-human documentary report or statistical source. Ask yourself who the story is for and what that audience would want to know. You are required to take a photo for this... Continue Reading →

Rethinking ledes

You remember the inverted pyramid, right? Cram all the important stuff — who? what? when? where? into a couple flimsy paragraphs at the top of your story. It works great in some situations, especially breaking news. But our next assignment is a written feature story, and we're ditching the pyramid. The goal for your lede... Continue Reading →

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