How to display

Our very hardworking development team discovered tonight that there is no quick solution to our embed issue.

The short version of this story is that stopped supporting the type of site we use, so short of a major upgrade, we can’t fix that.

But there is a work-around!

Step 1

Take a screenshot of your published infographic and upload it to the site as you would any other photo.

Step 2

Go to the Media library, click on the image you just uploaded and grab the URL by using the select all/copy functions.

Select the entire URL and copy it

Step 3

Go to the post where you want to embed the, select the Text editor and scroll to the spot where you want the to display.

Select the Text editor at the top right of your story box before you move to the next step

Step 4

Paste in this code, replacing the placeholders with your specific image and URLs. Do not remove any of the quotation marks, carrots or other characters.

Drop your copied image link into the first place holder and the link to your published into the second placeholder


When you plug in your URLs correctly, the result is an image of your graphic that clicks through to the interactive you made, like the example below:


Congratulations, you just edited HTML!

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