10 reasons why you should attend BarCamp News Innovation

BarCamp News Innovation is a day-long conference held annually in Annenberg Hall. Breakfast and lunch are provided. Students can attend for free. Why haven’t you already signed up?

BCNI is a journalism industry “unconference.” You show up in the morning to a nearly empty board in the Annenberg Atrium. Anyone — and I do mean anyone — in attendance can find a blank space on the board and create a session. Want to talk about journalism education? Create a session.  Interested to hear what the Wall Street Journal’s social media editor is up to? Walk into a classroom and ask as many questions as you want.

The best thing about BCNI is that everyone is on a level playing field. Well-known and respected journalists, editors and innovators from all over the country are mingling with educators looking for best practices and students who want a foot in the door. Everyone wants to hear from everyone else.

So if none of those reasons are enough to get you to BCNI, here are 10 more…

Up to 10 extra credit points to be added to your lowest assignment grade this semester. All you have to do is get business cards. You get one point for each non-Temple business card you get at BCNI (with a cap of 10 points). Hold onto your cards, bring them to our next class and tell us who you met and what made you interested in getting their cards. You have to bring the cards to class and be able to talk about the person you met in order to get the points.

Who’s up for the challenge?

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